We've gotten a few regular questions, and so here are the answers.

What's your return policy?

We have a 30-day return policy that is, unfortunately, limited to misprinted/defective items. We do not accept returns for size exchanges or changes of mind. So be sure before you buy. Unless you receive something damaged or misprinted, all sales are final. 

What should I do if I need to make a return? 

If you do need to make a return for a damaged/misprinted/defective item, email wolf359radio@gmail.com with the subject heading RETURN ISSUE, and include your order number and a description of the problem. We'll see the all-caps and jump right on it. 

Can I contact your fulfiller about issues with my order? 

No. Please don't do that. They'll get angry, and we don't like them when they're angry. 

I've made a huge mistake and sent my order to the wrong address. Help? Please? 

Of course! Email wolf359radio@gmail.com with the subject heading SHIPPING ISSUE, and include your order number and the correct address. We'll work with our fulfiller to get the package to you just as fast as we can.

Please note: you may be responsible for paying additional shipping fees. Those will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. 

Is this it?

Well, that's kind of an existential question. 

No, I mean will you be adding more stuff to the store?

We will definitely be adding more items to the store, as well as different designs for the existing items here already. And you can be sure we'll be really annoying about announcing it everywhere each time more things become available. Follow @wolf359radio on Tumblr and Twitter to make sure you don't miss the news. 

What about mugs/bags/stickers/tea cosies/novelty night lights? I have a very specific vision for this. 

That's awesome. Please reach out to us if you have specific things you'd like to see. 

I'm a brilliant artist/designer and I'd like to provide work for you to sell in the store! 

1. Thank you so much for offering. We're not worthy. 

2. We are not currently accepting any designs or artwork for the store. That doesn't mean that each time we see fan art, it isn't the highlight of our year.  It simply means we are not currently accepting any designs or artwork for the store. If that policy changes, we'll announce it. 

Well, can I sell my Wolf 359-related designs somewhere else? 

Potentially. We love seeing Wolf 359-related work from the absurdly talented community of artists who listen to this absurd show. But before you put any item up for sale on a third-party site (Redbubble, Society6, Etsy, etc), we ask that you contact wolf359radio@gmail.com and let us know what you propose. We'll do our best to follow up with you in a timely fashion.